How does it Work?

We believe that all life events, our experiences and the way we feel about them, are registered by and stored within the body. Because of this, through Craniosacral Biodynamics we not only work with physical ailments, we can also access those experiences and emotions that were recorded in the body, observe them from a healthy space, and in time, heal.

As practitioners, we aim for a non-invasive and non-manipulative contact; a space within us which observes the system with neutrality. Neutrality requires that we release the personal desire to heal or move structures of the patient. This type of non-invasive contact allows the patient’s system to reveal itself as it is, to share its story and begin a healing process with its own organic tools. The effects of therapy will be more profound and permanent over time with this approach.

So we ask ourselves, why do we need a practitioner?

The system requires a neutral observer to access health. A trained practitioner who knows the structures of the body, is able to listen to its subtle manifestations and propose paths for the patient’s body to balance itself.

A session begins with a brief conversation, then the patient lies on a massage table fully clothed for the hands-on session to begin with a light contact. It will last approximately one hour. The amount and frequency of sessions will depend on the patient's present condition and its causes.